Easter Day 2020

Easter Day 2020


Easter is a sign of hope and rebirth. Easter in 2020 lost the atmosphere of previous festivals due to the epidemic, but after today, I believe we will all be "reborn".

Holiday symbol
The symbol of Easter is the little rabbit, because it has a very strong reproductive ability, and people regard it as the creator of new life. During the festival, adults will vividly tell children that Easter eggs will hatch into bunnies. Many families also put some eggs on the garden lawn, let the children play the game of finding eggs. Easter bunnies and eggs have also become popular items during the holiday season. The mall sells a variety of bunny and egg-shaped products, and it is also filled with small rabbits and eggs made of chocolate in small food shops and candy stores. These "food bunny" have a cute appearance and different shapes of eggs It tastes sweet and sweet, and is also suitable for giving to friends.
Festival custom
Easter eggs
During the festival, people cooked eggs and painted red in accordance with traditional customs, representing the swan weeping blood, and also expressed happiness after the birth of the goddess of life; adults and children gathered in groups in threes and fives, using eggs as games; they put eggs Put it on the ground or roll on the dirt slope, and the last broken one is the winner, and the winner can get all the players' eggs. This event is very common. Even the White House will organize this game during Easter, but here is to put the eggs on the lawn to roll; people believe that rolling eggs on the ground can make the devil continue to tremble and suffer. This custom has a long history, and the egg is a symbol of Easter because it heralds the arrival of a new life. I believe that a new life will surely escape from it.
Holiday meaning
The holiday is not only to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus but to go through the process of death with Jesus and then enter the glory of the resurrection. The verses of the Easter Mass included the songs written by Fr. Wipo, the priest of the Conrad royal palace in the early 11th century, and sang or recited during the eighth day of the resurrection. The religious drama developed in the Middle Ages was initially inspired by this hymn. Wei Bo's poems naturally remind the resurrection drama of this extremely vivid scene: Mary, please tell us, what did you see on the road? I saw the tomb of the eternal life of Christ and the glory after his resurrection. I also saw angels testifying, and there were sweat towels and cloths. Christ My expectations have been resurrected, and he will go to Galilea before you. We know that Christ did rise from the dead.

In the Middle Ages, all Christians celebrated at the sunrise of Easter, because according to ancient legends, the sun jumped three times in the early morning of Easter, with the glorious resurrection of Jesus, and the light from the clouds danced like angels. The people of Europe gathered in the wilderness or on the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise in the early morning of Easter and fired bells and bells at dawn. sun. This kind of morning salute habit is still preserved in the Austrian Alps.
Holiday gift
Easter is a Christian holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Legend has it that Jesus was crucified and raised on the third day after his death. The annual Easter celebration in the church refers to the first Sunday after the full moon of the vernal equinox. If the day of the full moon is exactly Sunday, Easter is postponed by one week. Therefore, Easter may be any day between March 22 and April 25.

Typical Easter gifts are related to spring and regeneration: eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, and especially lilies are symbols of this season. On Easter Eve, the children color their eggs for friends and family. Some of these eggs are very old and some are just empty eggshells. On Easter morning, children will find that the Easter basket in front of the bed is filled with chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, fluffy chicks, and doll toys. It is said that the Easter Bunny will hide the eggs indoors or in the grass for the children to find. The annual White House Egg Rolling event in the United States is often broadcast live on television.
Holiday wishes
The egg is a symbol of Easter, because it heralds the arrival of new life and heralds hope, and believes that new life will surely hatch from it. This year's Easter, we can make our own egg.

2020 is full of unpleasantness for people all over the world, but we always have hope, and any difficulties will not fail us. Spring is here, everything is recovering, everything is alive.

Wish everyone a happy easter!