Roll Containers - A logistical Choice

Roll Containers - A logistical Choice


Roll containers are half pallet-sized platforms, with four running castors and with a wire cage used to contain goods during transport.

Roll Containers - A logistical Choice
Roll Containers - A Logistical Choice

Roll containers are half pallet-sized platforms, with four running castors and with a wire cage used to contain goods during transport. They may be used to transport goods in a lorry between a warehouse and a retail store for instance or within a supermarket to transport goods from the store room to the sales floor.

We deliver roll containers for:

• Industrial laundries

• Hotels

• Health facilities

• Retail and wholesale

• Catering

• Transportation, logistics, and parcel services

Laundry Carts for Laundromats, Hotels, Health facilities

The roll cage trolleys can be used in industrial laundries, hotels, and hospitals. These high-quality and robust transport conveyances are specifically designed to execute the transport of clean and used textiles in a convenient, efficient, and hygienic way. 

Laundry Containers

Our laundry containers are designed for transporting clean and used textiles. All roll laundry containers were designed for intensive daily use without compromising usability and maintaining maximum protection of your textiles. 

Transport Roll Containers

The transport roll containers are suitable for transporting all kinds of products and materials and are mostly used by our customers in the transportation, logistics, and parcel sectors. We have containers in various sizes, suitable for products ranging from small to large, and to the highest possible payload. Are you looking for a container suitable for delicate materials or is your focus more on ergonomics, handling, or ease of use? There is always a container that meets your requirements. None of the standard solutions fit your needs? No problem: our designers specialize in custom work. 

Storage and Transport Boxes

The foldable, durable warehouse roll cages are suitable for storage and transportation purposes of all kinds of products. The boxes are stable and offer good protection. The user-friendly boxes can be easily filled through the foldaway front. The boxes are equipped with a document holder and can be delivered with your company name and company logo. We carry a special line of transport boxes for storage and transportation of fresh produce: potatoes, vegetables, and fruit.


All our roll containers can be optionally equipped with various accessories such as straps, nameplates, extra gates, and removable shelves, etc. If you have specific requirements or if you are looking for container accessories that are custom designed for you, please contact us.

Do the standard solutions not meet your requirements?

Are you looking to improve the roll container you’re using? 

We have our own design department and specialize in providing customized solutions. 

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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