Roll containers are suitable for a number of jobs

Roll containers are suitable for a number of jobs


After years of design and development we have an extensive range of roll containers, which are suitable for a number of jobs. Here are 5 ways roll containers can help your business

Roll containers are suitable for a number of jobs
5 Ways Roll Containers Can Help Your Business

1.Safe Transportation

Transporting awkward shaped or fragile items is a problem faced by many businesses. Ensuring items get from A to B in a safe and efficient manner is vital, which is why you should consider using our range of roll containers.

Made from high quality metals, roll containers offer ultimate protection during transit, saving you money on replacing damaged goods.

2.Specialist Logistic Requirements 

Specific products may require specialist logistic requirements.  Therefore we have the ability to create bespoke roll containers that can be used in a variety of environments. So you have peace of mind knowing your stock is being transported in the correct conditions and the materials handling equipment you are using is fit for purpose.

3.Industry Specific

Working closely with a range of industries we ensure all our products are specific to each. With a team of experts we are able to create bespoke roll containers that comply with relevant regulations. For example working with the food distribution market we ensure all roll containers created for this sector are compliant with current Health & Safety Food Legislations, similarly we do the same for the industry
roll container

2 sided roll container

roll container

3 sided roll cage

roll container

4 sides wire roll container


Our full range of roll containers are designed to be moved around easily! Organizing and arranging stock in a warehouse or on the back of a lorry is made a lot easier, reducing human error and making your business more efficient.

5.Season Demands

We understand that some industries are busier during different seasons therefore we offer a roll container rental service. Allowing your business to save money when the materials handling equipment isn’t required! And on the flip side you can request more roll containers should your business be going through a busy period.